Plusnet Mobile Phones

Listed here are all the mobile phones available on the Plusnet network. Click on a model below to view the cheapest deals available to you today on the Plusnet network from UK retailers.

Alcatel Mobile Phones

Alcatel Idol 4 Plusnet
Idol 4

Apple Mobile Phones

Apple iPhone 5S 16GB PlusnetApple iPhone 5S 16GB Gold PlusnetApple iPhone 5S 16GB Silver PlusnetApple iPhone 6 16GB PlusnetApple iPhone 6 16GB Gold PlusnetApple iPhone 6 16GB Silver PlusnetApple iPhone 6 64GB PlusnetApple iPhone 6 64GB Gold PlusnetApple iPhone 6 64GB Silver PlusnetApple iPhone 6 Plus 16GB PlusnetApple iPhone 6 Plus 16GB Gold PlusnetApple iPhone 6 Plus 16GB Silver PlusnetApple iPhone 7 32GB PlusnetApple iPhone 7 32GB Gold PlusnetApple iPhone 7 32GB Rose Gold PlusnetApple iPhone 7 32GB Silver Plusnet
iPhone 5S 16GBiPhone 5S 16GB GoldiPhone 5S 16GB SilveriPhone 6 16GBiPhone 6 16GB GoldiPhone 6 16GB SilveriPhone 6 64GBiPhone 6 64GB GoldiPhone 6 64GB SilveriPhone 6 Plus 16GBiPhone 6 Plus 16GB GoldiPhone 6 Plus 16GB SilveriPhone 7 32GBiPhone 7 32GB GoldiPhone 7 32GB Rose GoldiPhone 7 32GB Silver

Huawei Mobile Phones

Huawei P10 Lite Plusnet
P10 Lite

LG Mobile Phones

LG K4 2017 PlusnetLG K8 2017 Titan Plusnet
K4 2017K8 2017 Titan

Motorola Mobile Phones

Motorola Moto G5 16GB Fine Gold PlusnetMotorola Moto G5 16GB Lunar Grey Plusnet
Moto G5 16GB Fine GoldMoto G5 16GB Lunar Grey

Samsung Mobile Phones

Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 PlusnetSamsung Galaxy A3 2017 Blue PlusnetSamsung Galaxy A3 2017 Gold PlusnetSamsung Galaxy J3 PlusnetSamsung Galaxy J3 Gold PlusnetSamsung Galaxy J3 White PlusnetSamsung Galaxy J5 2016 PlusnetSamsung Galaxy J5 2016 Gold PlusnetSamsung Galaxy J5 2016 White Plusnet
Galaxy A3 2017Galaxy A3 2017 BlueGalaxy A3 2017 GoldGalaxy J3Galaxy J3 GoldGalaxy J3 WhiteGalaxy J5 2016Galaxy J5 2016 GoldGalaxy J5 2016 White

SIM Only Mobile Phones

SIM Only Micro SIM Card PlusnetSIM Only Nano SIM Card PlusnetSIM Only SIM Card Plusnet
Micro SIM CardNano SIM CardSIM Card

Sony Mobile Phones

Sony XPERIA XA PlusnetSony XPERIA XA White Plusnet